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Michal Wojasinski, PhD

Visiting Assistant Professor

Biomedical Engineegin, University of Michigan

mwojasin (at) umich (dot) edu

MW photo crop.jpg

Hometown: Warsaw, Poland


MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology

Research interests:  I'm interested in processes allowing us to create nanomaterials designed for interaction with living cells. I started with the design and fabrication of fibrous structures intended to act as scaffolds for vascular and muscular tissue engineering. Then I moved to studying and building processes for ceramic nanoparticles synthesis. Control over the processing parameters leading to the properties of the particles desired in medical applications remains challenging. In Baker Lab, as visiting scholar, I moved back to fibrous structures and interactions between fibrous matrices and living cells.

Outside of lab interests: I run to clear my head of research problems or think how to approach them. Working a lot and thinking a lot led me to finish more than a few marathons. When I am not reading research papers or running, I read non-fiction books and articles just to relax a bit.


2020 Award of the rector of the Warsaw University of Technology for scientific achievements

2021 Dekaban Fellowship for Visiting University of Michigan

Since I am a visiting assistant professor from Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), you can find more about my group and me here: 

and about my research here (WUT repository):

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