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Daphne Lin

Undergraduate Student
Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan


Hometown: Farmington Hills, Michigan

Education:  BS in Chemical Engineering, UMichigan, 2021 (expected)

Outside of lab interests: Outside of classes, I enjoy hammocking in the diag, running around campus, and exploring all the restaurants and shops Ann Arbor has to offer.  

Awards and honors:

2018, Biomedical and Life Sciences Summer Fellowship
2017-2018, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program


Wang WY, Lin D, Jarman EH, Polacheck WJ, Baker BM, "Functional angiogenesis requires microenvironmental cues balancing endothelial cell migration and proliferation," Lab on a Chip, 2020, doi:10.1039/C9LC01170F.

Wang WY, Davidson CD, Lin D, Baker BM. “Actomyosin contractility-dependent matrix stretch and recoil induces rapid cell migration,” Nature Communications, 2019, doi:10.1038/s41467-019-09121-0.


Lin D, Wang WY, Jarman EH, Matera DL, Said M, Baker BM. "Fiber density promotes tip cell formation to initiate angiogenesis," AIChE Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, November 10-15, 2019, poster.

Lin D, Wang WY, Jarman EH, Baker BM. "Multiplexed angiogenesis-on-a-chip to study endothelial cell sprouting across natural and synthetic biomaterials," UROP Summer Symposium, Ann Arbor, MI, August 1, 2018, poster.

Lin D, Wang WY, Baker BM, “Fiber recruitment drives nuclear YAP localization,” UROP Symposium, Ann Arbor, MI, April 18, 2018, poster.

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